I'm an IGF-nominated writer and fiction/nonfiction editor living in Los Angeles. I work as an editor at Riot Games. I've worked in many genres, ranging from comedy to gothic historical fiction and sci-fi of various hardnesses. I'm addicted to game jams.

I'm always available for part-time writing, editing, and story consulting contract work. Check out my best stuff below!

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Where the Water Tastes like Wine : commercial videogame (writer, editor)

Frog Fractions 2 : commercial videogame (writer)

Tango: The Adventure Game : commercial videogame (script rewrites)

League of Legends : commercial videogame (VO script editor)

Swan Hill : wizard family tragedy game

You Got This, Brutadon! : Alexa skill game

Hands of an Angry God : Alexa skill game

Redundant : nonlinear sci-fi short story

Six Months : long wizard family tragedy game (demo)

Words Must Die : FPS narrative game with physics words

Slaughtertrain : novel-length Snowpiercer parody game

The Brigand's Story : cyclical text nightmare

OBAWCATRVOS : excruciating party game for 4

Verified Facts : procedurally-generated conspiracy theories

The Hive Abroad : nonlinear sci-fi short story

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