I'm an IGF-nominated writer and editor living in Los Angeles. I work as an editor at Riot Games. I've worked in many genres, ranging from comedy to gothic historical fiction and sci-fi of various hardnesses. I have published work in both games and prose fiction.

I'm always available for part-time writing, editing, and story consulting contract work. Check out my best stuff below!

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Industries of Titan

Brace Yourself Games, 2020. Blog post here.


Pathologic 2

Ice-Pick Lodge, 2019. Postmortem here.

Localization writer. Rewrote/edited English dialogue for various characters.

Realms of Runeterra

Riot Games, 2019. About the book.

I wrote a short story, 'The Daring Darling,' for Riot's first published book about the world of Runeterra. I also provided editing support for the book.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Dim Bulb Games, 2018. Postmortem here.

Editor / staff writer. Wrote random map events, added supplemental dialogue to each of the 16 main characters, and edited the entire game.

Glittermitten Grove / Frog Fractions 2

Twinbeard, 2016. More about my work.

Writer/co-designer for the SPAXRIS sections of the game.

Tango: The Adventure Game

Gualicho Games, 2018.

Localization writer. Did English script rewriting/polish and comedy punch-up.

Over the years, I've also released a lot of free games and jam/experimental projects. Here are some of my favorites.

Swan Hill

Twine, 2013.

Writer/designer/code. A sweaty, anxious wizard negotiates a horrible promotion party thrown for him by his asshole duke brother.


Twine, 2015.

Writer/designer/code. Nonlinear sci-fi short story about clones, bad-idea unrequited love, and cool-ass exosuits.

The Hive Abroad

Twine, 2015. Postmortem here.

Writer/designer. Nonlinear sci-fi short story about changing yourself to help the people you love. Some code contributed by Andi McClure.

The Brigand's Story

Twine, 2016. More about it here.

Writer/designer/code. Cyclical horror story about Antonio, a highwayman who keeps getting killed by a sorcerer. Based on a rhyme my friends and I used to recite as children.

Six Months Demo

Twine, 2016. More about it here.

Writer/designer/code. The demo for an unfinished sequel to Swan Hill, starring your asshole brother from the first game. It was intended to be about eight times longer than this demo; although I've finished over 2/3rds of it, I will likely never release it all.

You got this, Brutadon!

Alexa devices, 2017.

Writer/co-designer. Made with a team for Global Game Jam 2017.
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