I'm a games writer, fiction/nonfiction editor, and website producer/editor living in Los Angeles. I've worked on many commercial and noncommercial creative projects both in and out of game development. I'm addicted to game jams.

I'm available for writing, editing, and story consulting contract work. Check out my best stuff below!

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Where the Water Tastes like Wine : commercial videogame

Frog Fractions 2 : commercial videogame

You Got This, Brutadon! : Alexa skill game

Redundant : nonlinear sci-fi short story

Swan Hill : wizard family tragedy game

Six Months : long wizard family tragedy game (demo)

Words Must Die : FPS narrative game with physics words

Slaughtertrain : novel-length Snowpiercer parody game

The Brigand's Story : cyclical text nightmare

OBAWCATRVOS : excruciating party game for 4

Verified Facts : procedurally-generated conspiracy theories

The Hive Abroad : nonlinear sci-fi short story

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