Want to work with me or ask me a question? That's great!

For short questions about my work, find me on twitter.

For longer questions about my personal and game dev work only, you can email me at

For questions related to my day job, please check out this handy dandy corporate information page. If you email me about day-job work at my personal address, I'll take it as a deliberate insult and roast you on twitter.


What work is Laura capable of doing for me, a money-haver who needs work done?
I've done contract writing and editing for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, design and writing for Frog Fractions 2, and story consulting for a AAA game in development in the LA area. I have a strong command of Twine and Ink, and I've never met a game-text tech I couldn't figure out how to use in under a day. I have worked in Unity. My day job has given me experience in market research, business development, game localization, game writing, website editor-in-chief, and producer roles. I have a lot of experience with small team management.

Will you really roast me on twitter if I, a PR person or game developer, email you a press release at your personal email address?
I will yell at your goddamn boss. Honest to god.

What tools do you use to make your games?
All of the commercial projects I've worked on were made in Unity or HTML5. I did not program them. Most of my personal projects are game jam projects or games made with Twine. I also use Tracery a lot. I recommend Twine to anyone who wants to start learning about games writing. It is a powerful prototyping tool and becomes infinitely more entertaining once you learn some JavaScript. I only use Twine 1.4.2.

Do you do any public speaking?
I fucking love public speaking and am really good at it. You can watch one talk I gave here.