Want to work with me or ask me a question? That's great!

For short questions about my work, find me on twitter.

For longer questions about my personal and game dev work only, you can email me at

I no longer work in games media and you should never add me to a PR mailing list of any kind.


Are you a writer or an editor? I saw you did a lot of editing??
I do both writing and editing! The majority of my work on every indie project I've shipped has actually been writing. The cool thing about me is that I am equally confident with writing and editing, which makes me both a good independent worker as well as a multi-purpose cog who can easily make myself useful in a team of other narrative creators.

But specifically, what work is Laura capable of doing for me, a money-haver who needs work done?
I've done contract writing and editing for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, design and writing for Frog Fractions 2, and story consulting for a AAA game in development in the LA area. I have a strong command of Twine and Ink, and I've never met a game-text tech I couldn't figure out how to use in under a day. I have worked in-engine in Unity. My day job has given me experience in market research, business development, game localization, game writing, website editor-in-chief, product owner, and producer roles. I have a lot of experience with small team management.

What tools do you use to make your games?
All of the commercial projects I've worked on were made in Unity or HTML5. I did not program them. Most of my personal projects are game jam projects or games made with Twine. I also use Tracery a lot. I recommend Twine to anyone who wants to start learning about games writing. It is a powerful prototyping tool and becomes infinitely more entertaining once you learn some JavaScript. I only use Twine 1.4.2.

Do you do any public speaking?
I fucking love public speaking and am really good at it. You can watch one talk I gave here.