Want to work with me or ask me a question? That's great! I no longer work in games or tech reporting and you should never add me to a PR mailing list of any kind.

Are you a writer or an editor? I saw you did a lot of editing??

I do both writing and editing! The cool thing about me is that I am equally confident with writing and editing, which makes me good at fitting myself into a team of other narrative creators.
But specifically, what work are you capable of doing for me, a money-haver who needs work done?

I can write for your project! I can edit your existing writing! If you hire me as a narrative designer, I can help you figure out the best way to deliver your story to your audience. Need a script written for something? I have worked in screenplay format and have written game VO. If you're localizing a product into English, I can help you make sure your localized script is the best it can be.

I have a strong command of Twine and Ink, and I have worked in-engine in Unity. The fields I've worked in over the years include market research, business development, localization, writing, editing, and production. I've worked as a website editor-in-chief, a product owner, and a producer. I have a lot of experience with small team management.
What tools do you use to make your personal games?

Most of my personal projects are game jam projects or games made with Twine. I also use Tracery a lot. I recommend Twine to anyone who wants to start learning about games writing. It is a powerful prototyping tool and becomes infinitely more entertaining once you learn some JavaScript.
Do you do any public speaking?

I fucking love public speaking and am really good at it. You can watch one talk I gave here.

All of my talks can be viewed here.
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