Websites you should check out
Cool word puzzle website! You can find me here.

Web3 Is Going Just Great
A news site tracking all the extremely embarassing, illegal, and stupid happenings in the world of "web3" stuff

The xbiking subreddit
A reddit forum where people post pictures of "project bikes" they've built or have modified for comfort, adventure, or aesthetics. Never fails to make me smile.

You may be using their simplified app, Seek, but the main iNaturalist website and app have taught me a lot more and are generally more accurate, because humans are involved in the ID confirmation process. I've learned so much about local socal wildflowers from using it!
A website which tracks your road mile completion % for any region on earth via Strava. I've been using it to try and 100% my city and its various neighborhoods. No other game has ever had me exploring as much just for the sake of it!

A relic of the old web--a massive collection of information about virtual pet toys, and Tamagotchis in particular. A work of passion from a mega-fan.

One Book, Many Readings
A site full of interactive visualizations and essays about Choose Your Own Adventure books. One of the best interactive story crit projects anywhere on the web. A crucial read for anyone who is interested in interactive stories and their history.

Maris Freighter Cruises
The pace is relaxed... the mood is informal... and the destinations are some of the most exotic in the world. Or so claims this terrifying and hilarious website that is trying to sell you cruises onboard cargo freighter ships. The site is filled with bizarre stories about people celebrating their seemingly-terrifying container ship cruises. There is so much strange and upsetting shit to find on this website!!

Top Pods
Kill James Bond
A podcast dedicated to watching every spy or actionman operatordude movie and analyzing them via a "science based system". Very funny.

The Big Dig
I grew up in New England, so my childhood was wall-to-wall news stories about the Big Dig in Boston. This now-completed podcast is a deep investigation of the history, politics, and outcomes of the Big Dig. It's both a depressing and hopeful story about why we feel the way we do about public works projects in America.

Black Box Down
A now-finished podcast about plane crashes where people read NTSB reports to you out loud, basically. I find it super interesting... even soothing.

The Flop House
My favorite "bad movie podcast." It's been fun to listen to these three dudes watch so many strange movies over the last decade!

Normal Gossip
An "anonymized gossip" podcast which is mostly just very funny stories about normal people getting themselves in trouble.

Oh No Ross and Carrie
As someone with type 1 diabetes, people give outrageous and offensive health advice to me all the time. This has made me curious why people believe in scammy or harmful health treatments, faith healing, psychic health advice, etc. This podcast's hosts also try to figure out what makes people like that tick... by trying out pseudoscience-y health treatments, joining cults, interviewing psychics and faith healers, taking bizarre supplements, and more. I've been listening to them for years. Also a great way to learn about strange things happening in LA.

If Books Could Kill
I will listen to any Michael Hobbes podcast, and this is a very good one. The hosts read and discuss terrible, regressive nonfiction bestsellers--"airport books"--including many that have plagued my childhood.

These journalists report on entirely frivolous "questions that can't be answered by the internet." It's very entertaining to hear high-quality, in-depth reportage on mysteries which essentially don't matter. If you listen to too much true crime you should try detoxifying your brain with this.