I am Laura Michet!

I'm a games writer with experience in business development, production, and market research. I worked for Tencent's US office for five years, and while there I wore a large number of diverse hats. I localized browser and mobile games, researched PC and console games and sales data for the business development department, and worked as a writer for several RPG projects.

Right now, my day job is running zam.com, which is part of the Zam Network of game websites. I manage a freelancer network of over 50 people and spend most of my time editing their writing.

I have also contributed writing to a number of other different commercial games projects. I:

  • Wrote and helped design the "Spaxris" minigame in Glittermitten Grove (Frog Fractions 2)
  • Wrote random event vignettes for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
  • Wrote the original story pitch/provided story consulting for a AAA project currently in development in Los Angeles

  • Contact info here. For professional inquiries related to zam.com, please visit this page to learn more about the best way to contact us.